Can We Solve the Abortion Problem?

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog not knowing what you’re getting yourself into or describe yourself as someone who holds strong opinions without seeing the other side of hot topics… continue reading because we might change your mind with this super great idea that will put all other compromises to shame.

“The abortion problem” may not be what you think it is, especially if you’re a pro-life robot who thinks unborn babies have more rights than the women who carry and birth them (I can say things like this because I used to be one of you). The abortion problem being solved today is how pro-life and pro-choice believers can come together with a compromise and maybe even hug if we see fit.


Abortion Vouchers.


Let me spell out the ideal world for you. Every woman is gifted with two abortion vouchers to use throughout her life. Better yet, every woman is not just gifted, but entitled to these vouchers through our unalienable rights which should soon be added to the Declaration of Independence right after we correct the part where only men are created equal *side eye*

Women can either choose to use them or choose to not -much like the current process where any woman can choose to get an abortion or not. But you only get two. Its like grade school when you were only given a certain amount of restroom passes for the semester and had to choose to use them wisely or risk no permission being granted to leave the room and peeing your pants in front of your peers.

Pro-life supporters -nothing really changes for you. You still have the same options as before and can choose to use them or not, but you also don’t get a say in whether other women use them or not. Compromise: The number one woman can have is regulated. Congrats.

Pro-choice supporters-┬ánothing really changes for you. You still have the same options as before and can choose to use them or not, but you also don’t get a say in whether other women use them or not and you only get two. Compromise: You can’t make the choice to abort every single time (not that anyone would choose to do that anyway). Once your two vouchers are gone, its over.


No one gets everything they want and but everyone gets something. I didn’t take any business classes in college, but this sounds like a negotiation to me.

What should we really be looking for in pants?

If you weren’t convinced by our pro-overall propaganda, oh boy do I have the pants for you..

I recently convinced myself that I was going to follow the path of Cheryl Strayed and complete a 6 month thru-hike of the PCT. My brain knows this is probably never going to happen, but my heart is so on-board. I binged watched YouTube hiking documentaries and pro-tip videos. I mapped out my route and can tell you by heart all the stops I plan to make on my way from Canada to Mexico. I even went to my local outdoors shop to look at gear (Some people tell me I have an obsessive personality, but whatever).

It was on this fateful shopping trip that I (drunkenly, because of the margaritas before hand) discovered on of the greatest inventions man-kind has to offer. ZIP-OFF PANTS. Do you ever go outside in the middle of the day, realize its too hot and your legs are basically suffocating, and then go back inside to spend the rest of the day laying in bed all because YOU WERE WEARING PANTS? I can’t tell you the number of days that I wasted because my legs were too hot to move. It’s a pretty high number, although one of those days was because I had an allergic reaction to mosquitoes, but the rest were definitely due to the clothing options of my lower half. Zip-Off Pants solve that problem. They keep your legs nice and warm during the chilly morning times, easy and breezy during the mind-numbingly hot heat of mid-day, and at night they double as part of a dressy casual ensemble because more likely than not you bought khaki.

I’m not going to tell you that zip-off pants belong in the closet of those fashion forward thinkers (because we all know that they do), but I am going to tell you that if you have ever once in your life thought about using a coupon to buy something, zip-off pants are the only pants you should own. They are a built in manufacturers coupon. You get 3 separate bottom pieces for one low low price, and if you should in the right place you can find waterproof pants which adds rain gear to your ensemble. If you could buy one pair of pants that works for all your clothing needs, why wouldn’t you? Help me start a fashion movement to save all our lives: buy zip-off pants.